Technology Security and Support

Technology is a force multiplier, meaning that it can magnify inefficiencies or insecurities just as easily as it can drive effective growth or enhance organizational performance. Data, and the people, processes and technologies tasked with leveraging it, can instantly transform from an entity’s most significant asset into an existential liability.

At The Palatin Group, we recognize that there is no “set-it-and-forget-it” in a world of continually evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats. Not a second passes in which bad actors are not refining their approaches to infiltrate systems, abscond with critical information, or leverage their power to bring organizations to their knees. Even without such nefarious threats, fierce competition, changing markets and rapid advancements in information technology present challenges that can quickly turn industry leaders into industry afterthoughts.

To counter such perils and position our clients to reap the maximum benefits from their technology, we built our global technology services and capabilities around a philosophy that emphasizes agility, complex thinking and forward-looking integration.

Our process ensures that each client receives a proper independent evaluation of existing technical architecture that tracks both their current technological posture as well as emerging vectors of technological change or threats. Seeking to understand the true strategic, tactical and environmental conditions for every situation, our experts develop comprehensive yet tailored solutions that will adapt and scale to changing circumstances.

Best-In-Class Global Information Technology and Security Solutions

Our in-house experts and global network of information technology and security specialists work seamlessly with existing client teams to offer best-in-class, enterprise-wide solutions in all areas that intersect with their technical architecture, including:

  • Cyber Security Assessments. Ensuring a secure network requires assessment of an organization’s risk posture, and the use of proactive measures to strengthen defensive capabilities. In many cases, these assessments are required to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements, even still, organizations with mature security postures routinely use an objective third party to assess their program efficacy. Penetration testing, red team operations, incident response and threat hunting, social engineering, adversarial simulation, and ransomware intelligence are essential tools our team employ to as part of cyber security solutions for clients.
  • Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM). Mobile devices have an invaluable impact on the way business is conducted in the 21st century, and are often an overlooked aspect of creating a robust security posture. Ensuring the security of communications through hardening devices and applying software tools and methods is essential to mitigating the inherent risk their use presents. Our communications security offerings identify vulnerabilities, assess the threats and implement technologies and processes that address even the most complex eavesdropping techniques to ensure communications are secure.
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). In any fraud investigation or accompanying litigation, tracking the digital footprint is paramount to success. Identification, recovery, and preservation of data and documents is essential to ensure investigators and litigators have a complete picture of the facts and the supporting documentation to support their strategies.

The Palatin Group’s global reach and capabilities match or exceed those of other industry players yet come with significant advantages that more entrenched firms simply cannot provide. Critically, our streamlined processes, lack of bureaucratic impediments, and efficient sourcing allow us to deliver our services in a manner that adds budgetary as well as substantive value.

Contact us to learn more about how we can protect, enhance, and harness the full power of your organization’s technology and to arrange for a consultation with one of our principals in our Washington, D.C., Bratislava, Slovakia, Zurich, Switzerland, or Dubai, U.A.E. offices.