Physical and Personal Security Services

Threats to individuals, facilities, infrastructure, assets, and events are neither static nor readily apparent. They emerge to exploit vulnerabilities and they evolve to overcome countermeasures. They disrupt, debilitate and destroy with relentless determination. Without proactive strategies designed to mitigate or neutralize these threats – implemented with specialized personnel, expansive technical architecture and robust physical resources – countless dollars and irreplaceable lives stand on the precipice of disaster.

At The Palatin Group, we built our comprehensive global security services on an unshakable foundation of diverse experts, highly trained and experienced teams of professionals, and the ability to deploy resources quickly, efficiently and strategically. 

An Expansive and Impeccably Vetted Global Network of Security Experts and Resources

We put the right people, the right tools, and the right strategies in place to provide security solutions and confidence for executives, entities and governments worldwide. Our sprawling yet carefully curated network of experts comes from diverse military, law enforcement, intelligence and international business backgrounds with experience in overt, covert, reactive and proactive operations on six continents.

Drawing from the best practices of executive protection and security teams around the globe, our experts and operatives hold countless international certifications in security-related disciplines. They are licensed and bonded to perform global operations in support of our clients and are ready to engage at a moment’s notice. Priding themselves on their professionalism, effectiveness and discretion, Palatin’s security teams work at the highest levels befitting endeavors that allow no margin for error.

Our security experts work with clients and their existing security infrastructure to transition to or augment their services and solutions by assessing threats, designing the right strategy and processes, commencing operations, managing the security program, and solving any ongoing or new problems.

We assist clients around the world with every conceivable security need, including:

  • Executive and Personnel Protection. The Palatin Group provides security services to c-suite executives, high-level government officials, and high net-worth individuals as well as their families. We operate in all threat environments, engaging in threat assessment and tracking, contingency planning, environment monitoring, and close protection operations.
  • Site, Facility and Infrastructure Security. We deliver comprehensive security site surveys and vulnerability assessment, design security plans, secure buildings and facilities from criminal and terrorist threats, and build protections against the risk of intrusion or malicious acts.
  • Insider Threat Assessment, Prevention and Response. The greatest risk to any organization is internal, and the motives, interest, intention, capabilities, and exploitability of individuals within an organization is paramount to maintaining a robust security posture. Our team uses a combination of digital intelligence, in person interviews, site inspections, and direct observation to identify critical areas of concern and propose risk abatement recommendations and solutions.

No matter the scope of the threat, the complexity of an operation, or the nature of the at-risk asset, the Palatin Group stands ready to protect all that matters.