No matter your role in a large construction or development project, you have a lot at stake. From cost overruns to delays and worksite accidents, any number of complications can lead to expensive and protracted disputes and catastrophic exposure that could put the whole endeavor and your entire investment at risk. When challenges arise or threats loom, whether before the receipt of the first bid or after the driving of the last nail, having the right people and resources in the right place can make all the difference.

We bring a unique combination of practical and strategic capabilities to commercial developments and government-funded infrastructure projects around the globe. Our extensive and diverse skill sets enhance and complement the efforts of owners, developers, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, site safety professionals, tenants and others involved in large and complex construction projects. 

Our project management, supply chain, logistics, staffing, and security expertise allow us to thoroughly and thoughtfully assess our clients’ needs and match those needs with the optimal personnel, equipment, and other assets. We remain ever-mindful of costs and budget concerns when scoping and staffing construction projects; a task made easier by our agility, streamlined processes and lack of needless bureaucracy. 

The Palatin Group possesses extensive knowledge of best practices in program and project management, as well as the documentation and budgeting requirements of U.S. and international government program offices. We provide insights and guidance on contractor selection and staffing, materials and supply chain management, budgeting, architecture, engineering, information technology and site and asset security.

​To learn more about our global construction capabilities and services, please contact the Palatin Group today to arrange for a consultation with one of our principals in our Washington, D.C., Bratislava, Slovakia, Zurich, Switzerland, or Dubai, U.A.E. offices.