Significant infrastructure projects can have cascading and multidimensional impacts that extend far beyond the contemplated scope of work. How such endeavors proceed may determine the fates and finances of governments, businesses, and whole communities, as well as the lives and livelihoods of countless individuals.

Whether a project is thoughtfully and competently conceptualized, financed, and managed will play an outsized role in determining whether it becomes a source of pride for years to come or a costly and embarrassing albatross.

We marshal decades of experience and a global network of experts, personnel, and resources to provide critical support for public and private projects of all nature, scope, and complexity. Our teams work with local, regional, and national governments and agencies, private contractors, and non-governmental organizations alike to provide them with the support and expertise they need to see a project to its successful completion. 

Our infrastructure capabilities encompass:

  • Aviation
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Bridges and Tunnels
  • Roadways and Highways
  • Housing
  • Energy
  • Water and Wastewater

Palatin possesses extensive knowledge of best practices in program and project management, as well as the documentation and budgeting requirements of U.S. and international government program offices. We provide insights and guidance on contractor selection and staffing, materials and supply chain management, budgeting, architecture, engineering, information technology, and site and asset security.

A comprehensive understanding of the political, legal, and regulatory environment in which a project proceeds allows us to navigate complexity and overcome impediments swiftly and decisively. In all work we perform for public entities, we remain mindful of and sensitive to any budgetary and political constraints that a project may implicate. We do so by being agile, responsive, and transparent in our approach, and relentlessly focused in our execution.

To learn more about our global infrastructure capabilities and services, please contact the Palatin Group today to arrange for a consultation with one of our principals in our Washington, D.C., Bratislava, Slovakia, Zurich, Switzerland, or Dubai, U.A.E. offices.


Our clients include public and private sector entities involved in: