The Palatin Group offers a superior level of specialized, dynamic training, equipping, and sustainment services. While many organizations often focus on a specific avenue of training, our broad spectrum of resources and experience enables us to deliver adaptable training solutions that respond to the ever-changing requirements of an active world. Our approach draws from a broad menu of techniques to implement effective solutions to each client’s tactical and operational requirements. And our process provides us with the dexterity to quickly shift focus and adjust training to accommodate the latest techniques and best practices.


We deftly introduce new competencies, refine current capabilities, and work to continuously evaluate the processes and underlying technologies to ensure cutting edge training practices. We even provide internationally recognized experts to plan, execute, test and evaluate current training capabilities and technologies.  With an eye to the future, we provide documentation identifying gaps and recommending concise, corrective actions. Our diligent work provides the level of documentation necessary to continuously improve capabilities in any organization.


Our multinational teams are formed with a cadre of experts in their respective fields. These teams are comprised of former military, law enforcement, and technical experts with the accompanying level of adroit knowledge of best practices from intelligence, military, law enforcement and private sectors. Experience in NATO and Swiss Military forces along with U.K., U.S., Swiss, German, South African, French and Interpol law enforcement combine to lead to comprehensive solutions that encompass a wide array of specialized services. Having operated in both hostile and permissive environments, our tactics, techniques, and procedures are well tested and applicable to educating both small and large groups.


The process behind our training is designed to ensure that the trainees receive the correct instruction to achieve the desired end state. Our approach works to ensure sustainability for future operations. In fact, our integrated solutions trend beyond simple solutions and often deliver benefits in adjacent areas by freeing up the organization to more effectively pursue their objectives and core competencies. In short, better training, drawing upon a complete international network of competencies, provides better value and sustainability. 

Global Sourcing and Logistics

The Palatin Group provides end-to-end sourcing and logistics capabilities to meet any need across the globe. Our team can effectively perform in any role, from that of single contract supplier to spin-off or joint venture and provide an adept array of highly adaptable and reliable logistical services. Our processes can grow into multiple roles and meet the demands of even the fastest growing and most dynamic organizations.  This empowers solutions that clearly support each client’s requirements, while remaining mindful of timeliness and cost efficiency considerations. As we can leverage numerous relationships with partner companies located across the world, we diligently work to acquire even difficult to source products at high quality and with fair pricing. 


Since 1998, our team has been able to effectively manage a wide range of trade issues, regulatory hurdles and specialized delivery of a range of products and services to various operational environments. Our clients include various governmental agencies, corporations, and high net worth individuals. Our ability to maintain independence in project decision making, while not limited to any one product, process or vendor, ensures that only the best decisions are made based upon proven expertise and pertinent facts which result in positive outcomes.


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